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Sexta-feira, 23 de Fevereiro de 2007

Pílulas amargas e amarguradas

* How many times must a man give his heart,
before he knows better?

* Money. Always the fucking money. One way or another, seeping though the cracks of our lives, undermining our structures, until the whole place comes crumbling down.

* Sick of all. Murphy, The great Gig in the Sky, the Great Pumpkin. What or Whomever you are, give me a fucking break.

* How many times must a man fall down,
before he realizes that it's futile to try to climb up?

* Promises: The only thing that should be banned for all eternity and beyond. Hope is already dead.

* Gotta a problem? join the team. Gotta hope, peace of mind, love? Sorry, fella, wrong club. Try down the street, where the lights actually shine and there's no perpetual black, thunder-filled cloud above it.

* They say that learning is a proccess filled with pain and despair. Hi, Im a PhD!

* How many times must a nice guy be crushed,
before he gives up?

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