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Sexta-feira, 3 de Março de 2006


Why is so fucking hard to achieve balance? When the personal life is ok, the work side goes tumbling down. Then you got your footing back, and the goddamned human nature places it's stinking hand in the daily routine and *booom*,there goes your happiness.

Once again you stumble and gets up. Work is pretty good, money is not an issue (thank God), but there's that hollow cave in you chest and a well of tears waiting in the corner like an East LA gang (or a Corinthians or Cruzeiro crowd), just awaiting for a little sign of weakness.

You meet wonderful people, enlightned angels that give love, friendship and care without asking for nothing more than a smile and a hug. And you start missing the carnal aspects of a relationship: the nights when you arrive at home and just lay down in your lover's arms, the delicate stroke of her hand in your damp hair, the soft touch of a finger in your neck.

Can we be whole for once in this freaking life? Or is it so difficult, and it's best to just float along with the current, no matter where it will takes us?

Then again, nobody said it would be an easy journey, eh?