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Sábado, 13 de Maio de 2006


* Interesting how people can have a selective recollection of things. One day you're the best friend on earth, for giving the chance of a lifetime, for opening the gates of the world to a local friend.

Then, some time later, when telling the tale, the same person simply erases you from the picture altogether, and just tells how her now wonderful french boss hired her for her cleverness and wit. Just like that, in a stalinesque movement, you got yourself photoshoped out of the history. Cool, uh?

* Man, everything hurts from my first day on the gym. Shoulders, tights, arms... and I think I pulled something in my left arm. Damn old man!!!

* Autumn in New York can be gorgeous, but here in São Paulo is just plain cold. Ok, I just came back from Switzerland and Germany, but at least there I could use a real coat. Try something like that here in Brazil. You are supposed to suck it up and face it like a man. I'm cold, lonely and miserable right now. And supposed to be creative!

If you can't read this, you're not supposed to. No portuguese version today.

Se você não consegue ler este post, é porque não é pra você ler mesmo...

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Blogger Santos Passos falou...

espero que hoje, domingão, as dores já tenham diminuído.

14/05/06 21:06  

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