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Segunda-feira, 15 de Maio de 2006

São Paulo, Iraq

Fear, panic, misinformation, gossip...

The attack by a gang of outlaws all ver the State of São Paulo made brazilians feel like they live in Iraq or Beiruth circa 1985...

From friday night u to monday afternoon, more than 150 attacks in different parts of the city and in other major cities throghout the state. A group that calls themselves First Command of the Capital (PCC, in portuguese) has deflagrated a series of rebellions in prisons, coordinated attacks against police stations and every other law enforcement agency.

Today, Monday, the largest city in Brazil was gridlocked, held hostage by some pukes, afraid of going out and completely helpless... a shame!

More than 8 dead in three days, streets empty by 8PM, people from all over the country calling their beloved "paulistanos" to check if everybody was safely back at home.

It's hard to describe how we feel tonight. Impotent, clueless, glued to the TV looking or some guidance, some reassurance that things will be just fine. And finding hard to believe when somebody does it.

Let's sleep, and think that all this will vanish in the morning. Or at least that the police will retake control of the city.